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 Tut-How to make ad-hoc online!!

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PostSubject: Tut-How to make ad-hoc online!!   Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:28 am

Hi guys !

I saw this guide and put it here for you that's difficult but works right.
Enjoy but do this good and it will be ok i think.

To go online you will need to download the Xlink Kai Evolution VII Client and that can be downloaded here:
You will need to create an account and at the very top is the margin where you can find the download icon.Wink

Once you have finished that you will need to download a patch from:

First lets set up xlink kai.
Install the client and then go to Start > All Programs > Xlink Kai Evolution VII > Start Kai Config
Make your config identical to the following:

You have finished setting up Xlink Kai.

Now we turn on our PSPs and go to:
Home > Settings > Network Settings > Ad Hoc Mode > Ch 1 > Save

Then you install the ZD patch that you downloaded.

Now we dig out the old Wifi-Max and plug it in via usb 2.0.
You might need to restart for your computer to recognize your Wifi-Max.
Then you install the ZD patch that you downloaded.
Then you jump on your character in MHF and enter the online guild hall.
Once your character has loaded, you go to Start > All Programs > ZyDAS IEEE ect. > ZDWLan Utility
Then click "More Setting..." in the 'Current Network Information'. On the top where it says 'General Connection Setting',

click the change button to edit the values to the following:

WIRELESSMODE: 2.4GHz(802.11b+g)



SSID: *leave blank, but make sure the 'any' box to the right is unchecked*




Then click apply to set the changes.Razz

At the bottom of the "More Setting..." window, click on the "Advanced

Setting..." button.
A new window should pop up.
On this window, just make sure you have the 'Power Consumption settings' set to "Continuous Access Mode (CAM)".
Also, just below that... make sure you have the "PSP XLink Mode" box is checked. You can now close out of both the "Advanced Setting..." and the "More Setting..." windows.

Now back on the main Utility window, click the refresh button below the 'Available Networks' to scan for your PSP. The SSID you are looking for should look something like "PSP_AULUS..." and should have relatively high signal strength.
Double click on the PSP name and it should begin the connection.

Now Enter Xlink Kai.
Click on the Globe icon on the top row of icons.
Then click the Magnifying Glass.
This is just to load up the arenas to test help verify a connection.

In the middle frame, next to the 2nd Icon down (the check board), it should say "Network Reachable: Yes". If that is the case, then click the folder icon below the "?" icon on the top frame. If everything was done correctly, it should say "PSP successfully configured"

Now you are online with your PSP and Monster Hunter Freedom.bounce Very Happy !
To enter a server, click the switch to arena mode button at the very top (looks like a globe) and then click the green arrow in the PSP section.
Scroll down till you see "Monster Hunter Freedom" and "Monster Hunter Portable".
Freedom is mostly English speaking and Portable is mostly Japanese speaking.
Once you enter either of the two arenas you will probably want to find the chat menu.
This can be done by pressing the small arrow on the far right, direct centre.
There are private arenas in that arena that can be entered for more secluded game play.

That's funny no ? I hope it helped you in that,enjoy ur hax,
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Tut-How to make ad-hoc online!!
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