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 GBA emulator and roms

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PostSubject: GBA emulator and roms   Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:45 am

.: GBA :.

Here is the emulator:
gpSP ver. 0.9 for PSP Classic: P87TPKAP

UO gpSP Kai for PSP Slim and Lite: EYDZK29Z

Astro Boy - Omega Factor 1TCNI2F2

Avatar - The Legend of Aang BC95XN9W

Castlevania - Aria of Sorrow BUXCQDQH

Castlevania - Circle of the Moon S6Y2CEER

Castlevania - Harmony of Dissonance 8NK8XRNO

Donkey Kong Country AC2NSBAO

Donkey Kong Country 2 2QPPCDV0

Donkey Kong Country 3 LVGNXQX5

Dragon Ball - Advanced Adventure AQ3K3OZN

Drill Dozer O8N7PDQ6

Ecks VS Sever Y537BCZY

Final Fantasy IV Advance HSIBYZ9K

Final Fantasy V Advance OAVRLGD7

Final Fantasy VI Advance IPRPIXA0

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance CXY4WWS9

Final Fight One 34LPQZRP

Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones
This game will crash when entering a battle scene on gpSP 0.9, use gpSP 0.8 to play it fine. 7RC1G5I1

Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword (U)
Almost 100% translated version.
This game will crash when entering a battle scene on gpSP 0.9, use gpSP 0.8 to play it fine. 9OWN5T75

Game and Watch Gallery 4 DDGILU49

Gunstar - Super Heroes COBEXQEE

Hardcore Pinball B0JF69A5

Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral Town 6DZP94J5


Love Hina Advance (U)
Patched with an English Translation. OJLV6QFF

Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories
For this game to play past the intro, wait until Sora (The boy with brown hair) begins to run away and the game will freeze, bring up the gpSP menu (Default button is Triangle) and create a save state, load the state again and it will carry on through the intro. HN0WLPSH

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga P6RFIWND

MegaMan Battle Network 6 - Cybeast Falzar YB74BP3Q

MegaMan Zero JGUKM6KB

MegaMan Zero 2 SJZVV0IE

MegaMan Zero 3 85UQNPBF

MegaMan Zero 4 1DFDO1AO

Metal Slug Advance QJGYEKPL

Metroid Fusion LRHJ1CR0

Monster Rancher Advance 2 ID6CCA0C

Onimusha Tactics L8V67V9X

Pac-Man Pinball Advance J1LGCC00

Pinball Advance 4DQZA0P0

Pinball Tycoon E8PFY2QQ

Pokemon - Emerald HQDBWY9X

Pokemon - Fire Red CXFWYJ2V

Pokemon - Leaf Green DRTM94HW

Pokemon - Ruby O7AAIXK6

Pokemon - Sapphire 3D3PV6UN

Riviera - The Promised Land
Doesn't boot. 3TEEEMB0

Shaman King - Master of Spirits WSPRE6D0

Shining Soul II 5D9VK9X2

Sonic Advance 8WIRK5WZ

Sonic Advance 2 GQIF0PCF

Sonic Advance 3 2DOATY5E

Sonic Battle 8EXHAD9W

Spider-Man 3 T4KU1QUI

Summon Night 7MU9SOW0

Super Robot Taisen - Original Generation 4OXFHM25

Sword of Mana K1YKMT60

Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis D2W94H1X

Tales of Phantasia JEVE6ZT4

Tekken Advance YKZVW2DQ

The Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap 8DS4HNTZ

Wario Land 4 Y3P8MLJY

Wario Ware Inc. QD9BSRAK

Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Eternal Duelist Soul A531IKGB

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Ultimate Masters - World Championship Tournament 2006 U6W4BVYF
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GBA emulator and roms
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