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 How to use psp recovery menu

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PostSubject: How to use psp recovery menu   Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:37 am

Using the 'Custom Firmware' Recovery Mode:

Configuring 'Custom Firmware'

1. Fully turn off your PSP by holding the power button for 4 seconds.
2. Hold the 'R' button and turn your PSP back and 'recovery mode' will start.
3. Here you can change a few options on how the custom firmware operates.
Below is a list of the common options you might want to change:

Configuration Menu:
(some options may not be available as it depends on the custom firmware version installed on your PSP)
Skip SCE Logo
- Skips the white PSP screen when the PSP is turned on and disables the UMD Autorun, see note below.
$: Recommend Setting: Disabled
Hide Corrupt Icons
- Hides the 'Corrupted Data Icons' of 1.50 homebrew on the Game Menu, can cause XMB to run slow.
$: Recommended Setting: Disabled
Game Folder Homebrew
- Changes the folder your homebrew goes into, see note about 'game folder homebrew' below.
$: Recommended Setting: 3.xx Kernel
Autorun Program at /PSP/GAME/BOOT/EBOOT.PBP
- Using will automatically load a PSP homebrew saved in the folder above when the PSP is turned on.
$: Recommended Setting: Disabled
Use No-UMD
- Run PSP ISO games without having to have a UMD inserted in the PSP
- there a 4 different No-Umd modes, the 'Sony Np9660' mode is the most compatible No-UMD mode.
$: Recommended Setting: Sony Np9660
Fake Region
- you can fake the region of your PSP, useful for UMD movies from a different regions then your PSP.
$: Recommended Setting: Disabled
Free UMD Region
- Removes the region code on your PSP so it can play all UMD Movies.
$: Recommended Setting: Disabled
Hard Reset on Homebrew
- makes the PSP reset itself when loading homebrew, can help with loading with some older homebrew.
$: Recommended Setting: Disabled
Use VSHMenu
- Enables or Disables the small menu you get when you press home in the XMB menu.
$: Recommended Setting: Enabled
XMB USB Device
- Change what 'drive' gets accessed when you make a USB connection in the XMB.
$: Recommended Setting: Memory Stick
Use M33 Network update
- Allows you to download custom firmware updates using the network update icon in the XMB.
$: Recommended Setting: Enabled
Advanced -> Advanced Configuration:
Plain Modules in UMD/ISO
- will allow 'unencrypted PRX files' to be used when a PSP UMD or ISO is running
$: Recommended Setting: Disabled
Execute boot.bin in UMD/ISO
- Will run the unencrypted boot.bin file instead of the encrypted eboot.bin file.
$: Recommended Setting: Disabled
Cpu Speed:
Speed in XMB
- Will change the CPU speed in the XMB menu.
$: Recommended Setting: Default
Speed in UMD / ISO
- Will change the default CPU speed in UMD / ISO games.
- Increasing the CPU speed may make games run faster but the PSP will use more battery power.
$: Recommended Setting: Default
$: Some games may require this to be set to '266' or '333' for the game to load.
Plugins Menu:
Here will be a list of plugin files you have installed onto your memory stick.
Registry Hacks Menu:
Button Assign
- You can switch the O and X buttons for Confirm and Exit.
Activate WMA
- Will activate the WMA playback feature without having to use wireless internet.
Activate Flash Player
- will activate the Flash Player feature without having to use wireless internet.

Notes about the "Game Folder Homebrew" option:
If this option is set to 1.50 Kernel then you need to put:
Older Firmware (1.00/1.50) homebrew in the "PSP \ GAME" folder.
Newer Firmware (2.xx/3.xx) homebrew in the "PSP \ GAME3xx" folder
If this option is set to 3.xx Kernel then you need to put:
Older Firmware (1.00/1.50) homebrew in the "PSP \ GAME150" folder.
Newer Firmware (2.xx/3.xx) homebrew in the "PSP \ GAME" folder.
Replace '3.xx Kernel' and 'GAME3xx' with the custom firmware version of your PSP. example:
'3.52 Kernel' and 'GAME352' for 'Custom Firmware 3.52 M33'
'3.40 Kernel' and 'GAME340' for Custom Firmware 3.40 OE'

Notes about the "Skip SCE Logo" option:
If you only want to disable the UMD autorun, you can do this from the settings menu
in the XMB by going Settings > System Settings > UMD Auto-start: Off

3. Once you have finished with changing the settings in recovery mode, choose "Exit" from the main menu.
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How to use psp recovery menu
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