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 Sony Firmware Updates

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PostSubject: Sony Firmware Updates   Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:34 am

PSP Firmware Updates

Sony PSP 1.50 FW update EEZ00DIX

Sony PSP 2.00 FW update ZE0YYXS2

Sony PSP 2.01 FW update RVTC7YPJ

Sony PSP 2.50 FW update 7OGCML0P

Sony PSP 2.60 FW update IDOX69PH

Sony PSP 2.70 FW update YXB2MN0G

Sony PSP 2.71 FW update YCJF7NBW

Sony PSP 2.80 FW update UY7PPB9X

Sony PSP 2.81 FW update N4YTUDJP

Sony PSP 2.82 FW update X0RBI58A

Sony PSP 3.00 FW update U8A3B1L4

Sony PSP 3.01 FW update 6O54JWDT

Sony PSP 3.02 FW update U3F68I9B

Sony PSP 3.03 FW update GDROEH29

Sony PSP 3.10 FW update AR0IWCFO

Sony PSP 3.11 FW update Y5Z5I5OQ

Sony PSP 3.30 FW update S6V7QRJF

Sony PSP 3.40 FW update XMQKD8KC

Sony PSP 3.50 FW update 52M5CY0F

Sony PSP 3.51 FW update IL35MP9R

Sony PSP 3.52 FW update J7PEHY87

Sony PSP 3.70 FW update HQ2KTJ2P

Sony PSP 3.71 FW update 95UL4U8W

Sony PSP 3.72 FW update BIF8W8JN

Sony PSP 3.73 FW update 634CXKHN

Sony PSP 3.80 FW update O7B9QDUT

Sony PSP 3.90 FW update JX4DIHPU

Sony PSP 3.93 FW update CWZRQ7NK

Sony PSP 3.95 FW update IZB5HQJP

Sony PSP 4.00 FW update U5Q9NYFG

Sony PSP 4.01 FW update SWURORYT

Sony PSP 4.05 FW update 6UIVPEG9
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Sony Firmware Updates
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